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Once upon a midnight dreary, while I sculpted, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious specimines of unusual stone
While I chisled nearly breaking, suddenly there came a shaking,
It was the land violently quaking, and the wind began to moan
"'Tis an earthquake," I muttered, "Destroying all we own-
with a ghostly wind blown tone."

Ah, distinctly I recall I peered over my patio wall
To look upon the sprawl and see the damaged zone.
Eagerly I wish the end, would the ground beneath me rend?
Would it a great tsunami send? Would we sink to the deep unknown?
Decending the black depths of the sea we call the great unknown
A city in the depths, all alone.

Then suddenly the shaking stopped, for heavy rain it had been swapped
Like buckets of water were being dropped, and soaked me to the bone.
Through the thunder and the lightning, I spied a sight so frightning
That I felt my heartbeat tightening, as thought my chest it had outgrown.
I wish that moment that it had been a harmless sea cyclone.
For distance now I'd gladly my possessions all disown.

From out of the sea there rose a sight, a figure unfolding to stand upright
With and enormous immesurable height, it forced my breath to postpone.
Through the heavy rain I viewed, risen from where the ocean spewed
An enromous statue of a woman nude, made of alabaster stone.
In forgetfulness I marveled at the craftmanship alone
Sculpted in perfection with a body smooth and tone.

With life in her she began to walk, through the water and toward the dock
Where the birds would usually flock and use our lighthouse as their throne.
Not the least obeisance made she to the populace trying to flee
In a desperate hope that maybe she would leave them all alone
But instead she stepped upon the sunbleached piers made of stone
The piers that came together formed the entrance to our home
Stood and stopped- with no sigh nor groan.

In her hand she held a chalice with a stem just like a phallus
She wore a contenance of malice and the fear in us had grown
She raised the cup up high and upon it looked whereby
A bolt of lightning from the sky to the goblet had been thrown.
A burst of flame had been ingited like a torch I do bemoan.
Before the city of all cities where the king sat on his throne.

Her detail was so complete from her head down to her feet
Her head high in conceit and her arrogance had shown
Stradeling the harbor entrance nude in a manner lascivious and lewd
As did her labia obtrude without a care if any condone
The ships must pass between her legs to make it to this zone
She stood as though our peaceful city was indeed her own

And the statue ever commanding still is standing on that landing
Ever demanding and expanding tryanical branding and liberty disbanding
Nothwithstanding understanding for our sins we must atone
To our chagrin it is the form akin to Evilynn
Therein wherein within herein our sorrow did begin
Her giant twin, with stone-like skin, and her master on the throne
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Sunday 3 June 2018
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